Episode 30: “Dream A Little Dream”

Recorded at The Bathhouse Theater, Seattle on Aug 27, 2018.

Episode 30: “Dream A Little Dream”

  1. [0:00:00] Intro (02:51)
  2. [0:02:51] Shakespearean Baseball Game by Johnny Wayne and Frank Shuster (12:35)
  3. [0:15:26] Trump Tweets 1 by Robert McPherson (04:29)
  4. [0:19:55] PSA – Treehouse by Elizabeth Heffron (03:15)
  5. [0:23:10] The Real Housewives Of Puget Sound by Scot Augustson (14:26)
  6. [0:37:36] Dream Within A Dream by Edgar Allan Poe (02:32)
  7. [0:40:08] The Drunken Tenor by Robert McPherson (04:25)
  8. [0:45:04] Trump Tweets 2 by Robert McPherson (03:05)
  9. [0:48:09] City People’s Garden Store Spot by Lisa Halpern (05:01)
  10. [0:53:10] Dream A Little Dream by Kahn/Schwandt/Andree, featuring Leslie Law and Richard Ziman (03:57)
  11. [0:57:07] West Of Lenin Spot | Vermin Notes – Seagulls by Scot Augustson (05:04)
  12. [1:02:12] Can You Hear The Mermaids Singing by Rachel Atkins (07:45)
  13. [1:09:57] Trump Tweets 3 by Robert McPherson (03:28)
  14. [1:13:25] Anarchy For Sale by Elizabeth Heffron (10:45)
  15. [1:24:10] Finale | Credits (05:13)


Directed and Produced by: Leslie Law and Richard Ziman

Host: Leslie Law
Music Director: Jose ‘Juicy’ Gonzales
Recorded by: Brian Moynihan
Sound Engineer: Luke Kehrwald
Stage Manager: Susy Butler
Post Production: Dave Pascal
Original Music: Jose ‘Juicy’ Gonzales, Angie Louise

Sandbox Radio Orchestra:
Piano: Jose “Juicy” Gonzales
Bass: Dave Pascal
Drums: Dan Tierney
Accordion/Clarinet: Robertson Witmer

Sandbox Radio Players featured in this episode:
Eric Ray Anderson, Michael Cimino, Marianna De Fazio, David Gehrman, Laura Kenny, David Marriott, Juli Rosenzweig, Michael Santo, Lisa Viertel, Seanjohn Walsh, Marta Zekan

“The Drunken Tenor” Rob McPherson

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