Recorded at Town Hall Seattle on May 1st, 2017.

Episode 24: “Mayday! Mayday!”

  1. [0:00:34] Intro (01:30)
  2. [0:01:30] Poor Richard’s Almanack by Benjamin Franklin, adapt. by Law/Ziman (11:42)
  3. [0:12:37] Plattitudes – Bring May Flowers written and performed by Peggy Platt (05:04)
  4. [0:17:39] Second Sunday In May by Scot Augustson (12:33)
  5. [0:29:27] Nancy Pearl – ALA PSA by Scot Augustson feat. Nancy Pearl (06:22)
  6. [0:35:14] Sandwich Doctor written and performed by Angie Louise (07:56)
  7. [0:42:35] The Lists by Emily Conbere (15:00)
  8. [0:57:46] Dragon Lady Excerpt written and performed by Sara Porkalob, find more at (12:37)
  9. [1:09:52] PSA – Center For Wooden Boats by Peggy Platt (04:16)
  10. [1:22:45] Beyond The Box – Druid Wood Lane by Elizabeth Heffron (15:06)
  11. [1:13:38] The Arrowhead Story by Scott Warrender, find more at (09:32)
  12. [1:37:33] History Repeating | Finale | Credits by Alex Gifford, performed by Leslie Law with the SRO (07:23)


Directed and Produced by: Leslie Law and Richard Ziman

Host: Leslie Law
Music Director: Angie Louise
Recorded by: Brian Moynihan
Sound Engineer: Luke Kehrwald
Stage Manager: Susy Butler
ASM: Katie Pennella
PA: Elisabeth Burton
Teresa Micheletti
Post Production: Dave Pascal
Original Music: Jose ‘Juicy’ Gonzales, Angie Louise

Sandbox Radio Orchestra:
Piano: Angie Louise
Bass: Dave Pascal
Drums: Dan Tierney
Trombone/Euphonium: Dave Marriott
Oboe/Flute/Saxophone: Lesley Bain
Trumpet: David Natale

Sandbox Radio Players featured in this episode:
Eric Ray Anderson, Nik Doner, Gin Hammond, Llysa Holland, Laura Kenny, Kate Kraay, Leslie Law, Andrew Litzky, David Natale, Peggy Platt, Dan Tierney, Seanjohn Walsh, Richard Ziman

Nancy Pearl
Sara Porkalob
Scott Warrender

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