Recorded at Town Hall Seattle on October 31, 2016.

Episode 21: “The Shadow Knows”

  1. [0:00:34] Intro (02:06)
  2. [0:02:40] Midnight At the Factory by Scot Augustson (13:04)
  3. [0:15:45] Beyond The Shadow Of A Doubt by Lisa Halpern (10:40)
  4. [0:26:25] The Shadow Knows written and performed by John Engerman with Leslie Law (cello), Michael Marcus (bass), Dan Tierney (drums) (03:37)
  5. [0:30:02] Plattitudes – The Scary Stuff written and performed by Peggy Platt (04:35)
  6. [0:34:37] The System Of Dr. Tarr And Professor Fether by Edgar Allan Poe, adapted by Leslie Law and Richard Ziman (14:20)
  7. [0:48:57] Marietta On The Brink written and performed by Shawnmarie Stanton (03:50)
  8. [0:53:16] The Sneetches by Dr. Seuss, adapted by Leslie Law and Richard Ziman (09:12)
  9. [1:02:28] Raquel’s Dilemma by Elizabeth Heffron (10:42)
  10. [1:13:11] PSA – ACLU by Peggy Platt (03:07)
  11. [1:16:16] Corner Bar written and performed by Shawnmarie Stanton (03:43)
  12. [1:19:59] Beyond The Box – Everybody Loves Fear by Wayne Rawley (10:34)
  13. [1:30:33] Pure Imagination by Leslie Bricusse and Anthony Newley, featuring Jose ‘Juicy’ Gonzales and the SRO (04:12)
  14. [1:34:45] Finale | Credits (04:36)
DOWNLOAD All Tracks DOWNLOAD MP3 Episode Directed and Produced by: Leslie Law and Richard Ziman Host: Leslie Law Music Director: Jose ‘Juicy’ Gonzales Recorded by: Christopher Stewart Sound Engineer: Luke Kehrwald Stage Manager: Susy Butler Production SM: Stina Lotti Production Assistant: Rob Pore Post Production: Dave Pascal Original Music: Jose ‘Juicy’ Gonzales Sandbox Radio Orchestra: Piano: Jose ‘Juicy’ Gonzales Bass: Michael Marcus Drums: Dan Tierney Cello: Leslie Law Sandbox Radio Players featured in this episode: Eric Ray Anderson, Sarah Harlett, Laura Kenny, Pilar O’Connell, Rebecca Olson, Jason Marr, Peggy Platt, Dan Tierney, Kathryn Van Meter, Seanjohn Walsh, Marta Zekan, Richard Ziman SPECIAL GUESTS John Engerman Shawnmarie Stanton

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