Episode 03: “To Hell With Love” – Act 2

Recorded at West of Lenin on January 23, 2012.

Episode 03: “To Hell With Love” – Act 2

  1. [0:00:00] Angry | Charlotte Doesn’t Clean Here Anymore by Charles Leggett | by Scot Augustson (18:22)
  2. [0:17:55] PSA – Communities in Schools of Seattle by Vincent Delaney (03:39)
  3. [0:21:08] Corwin by Corwin | Finale by Elizabeth Heffron (22:38)

DOWNLOAD MP3 Episode – Act 1
DOWNLOAD MP3 Episode – Act 2

Directed and Produced by: Leslie Law and Richard Ziman

Music Director: Jose ‘Juicy’ Gonzales
Recorded by: Christopher Stewart
Production SM: Colleen Nielsen
Post Production: Dave Pascal

Sandbox Radio Orchestra:
Piano: Jose ‘Juicy’ Gonzales
Bass: Dave Pascal
Accordion/Etc: Robertson Witmer
Drums: Dan Tierney

Sandbox Radio Players featured in this episode:
E Ray Anderson, Rik Deskin, Ki Gottberg, Sarah Harlett, Tracy Hyland, Mik Kuhlman, Charles Leggett, Todd Moore, Peter Dylan O’Connor, Larry Paulsen, Dan Tierney, Annette Toutonghi, Kathryn Van Meter

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