Recorded at the Forum at Town Hall Seattle on Jun 24, 2019.

Episode 33: “Busting Out”

  1. [0:00:00] Intro (02:03)
  2. [0:02:33] Stewart And Miriam written and performed by Willie Weir (08:57)
  3. [0:11:30] The Road To Ooty by Peggy Platt (09:48)
  4. [0:21:17] PSA – Kitty Harbor by Prince/Rogers/Kanner featuring Leslie Law and Richard Ziman, vocals and Dave Marriott, trombone (03:53)
  5. [0:25:10] I Guess I’ll Get The Papers And Go Home by James Thurber, adapt. by Law/Ziman (03:14)
  6. [0:28:24] The Mouse That Went To The Country by Amontaine Aurore (02:24)
  7. [0:30:48] Picasso’s Fist written and performed by Angie Louise with the Sandbox Radio Orchestra (12:33)
  8. [0:43:12] The Bottles Are Blue by Scot Augustson (05:16)
  9. [0:48:37] Pamela And The New World The Owl Who Was God by James Thurber, adapt. by Law/Ziman (12:25)
  10. [1:01:44] The Owl Who Was God by Scot Augustson (05:28)
  11. [1:07:13] Vermin Notes – Snakes by the Drunken Tenor, aka Rob McPherson (03:30)
  12. [1:10:42] Ciao by Elizabeth Heffron (03:49)
  13. [1:14:32] Colonel Peacenik And The Cool Kids Finale | Credits (12:05)
  14. [1:26:37] Finale | Credits (05:03)


Directed and Produced by: Leslie Law and Richard Ziman

Host: Leslie Law
Music Director: Angie Louise
Recorded by: Brian Moynihan
Sound Engineer: Luke Kehrwald
Stage Manager: Susy Butler and Jessilee Marander
Post Production: Dave Pascal
Original Music: Jose “Juicy” Gonzales and Angie Louise

Sandbox Radio Orchestra:
Piano: Angie Louise
Bass: Olivia Hamilton
Drums: Chris Monroe
Trombone: Dave Marriott
Accordion/Clarinet: Robertson Witmer

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