Sandbox Radio Orchestra:

Piano: Angie Louise

Bass: Dave Pascal

Drums: Troy Lund

Trombone: Dave Marriott

Accordion/Clarinet: Robertson Witmer

Sandbox Radio Players in this Episode:

Eric Ray Anderson

Ashley Bagwell

Llysa Holland

Tracy Michelle Hughes

Kate Kraay

Leslie Law

Kelly Mak

David Natale

Brandon O’Neill

Peggy Platt

Lyam White

Richard Ziman


Directed and Produced by:

Leslie Law and Richard Ziman

Host: Leslie Law

Music Director: Angie Louise

Recorded by: Brian Moynihan

Sound Engineer: Max Langley

Stage Manager: Jessilee Marander

PA: Teresa Micheletti

Post Production: Dave Pascal

Original Music: Jose ‘Juicy’ Gonzales

and Angie Louise



    @1:482Snowflakes by Wayne Rawley

    @12:103PSA: Association of Women In Science by Peggy Platt

    @15:154Plattitudes: Snowflakes

                                    written and performed by Peggy Platt

    @21:365Stopping By Woods On A Snowy Evening

                                    by Robert Frost and Anonymous

    @25:176Daddy Still Calls Her Baby by Scot Augustson

    @36:017Angie Louise

    @41:438Sponsor: West of Lenin

    @42:339The Gift of the Magi by O. Henry

                                    adapted by Law/Ziman

    @55:5010Sarah Rudinoff

    @1:01:1911Vermin Note - Pigeons by Scot Augustson

    @1:04:4312Foxman vs. Brenda by Keiko Green

    @1:12:2713The Slam Poet

                                    written and performed by Peggy Platt

    @1:19:0713PSA: Emerald City Kitty Harbor by Peggy Platt

    @1:22:5414Bitter Lake Ballet by Elizabeth Heffron

    @1:32:4115Big Bulbs by Sharon Jones and the Dap Tones

                                    featuring Leslie Law, Angie Louise and Sarah Rudinoff