Sandbox Radio Orchestra:

Piano: Jose “Juicy” Gonzales

Bass: Dave Pascal

Drums: Chris Monroe

Trombone: Dave Marriott


Directed and Produced by:

Leslie Law and Richard Ziman

Host: Leslie Law

Music Director: Jose “Juicy” Gonzales

Recorded by: Brian Moynihan

Sound Engineer: Max Langley

Stage Manager: Susy Butler

ASM: Elisabeth Burton

PA: Teresa Micheletti

Post Production: Dave Pascal

Original Music: Jose ‘Juicy’ Gonzales


    @0:34  1Intro

    @2:26 2"Wealth Management" by Scot Augustson

    @16:31 3"Sonnet - To Science" by Edgar Allan Poe

    @17:57 4"Misfit Moon" by Lisa Halpern

    @32:00 5“Costume" written and performed by Daemond Arrindell

    @35:09 6"The Owl Who Was God" by James Thurber


    @45:57 8"The Real Bird Of The City Theater"

                                by Brandon J. Simmons

    @1:00:12 9"On The Subject Of Transformation"

                                written and performed by Daemond Arrindell

    @1:02:53 10"Come Together" by Lennon/McCartney

    @1:07:30 11"The Little Girl And The Wolf" by James Thurber

    @1:10:23 12Robert McPherson "The Drunken Tenor"

                                Jeff Caldwell, piano

    @1:17:13 13"Doc and Mercer's Mostly True History Of Seattle:

                                    Mooching Totality" by Elizabeth Heffron



    Stream Pratidhwani’s complete and uncut performance HERE

    Diby Roy and Kunal Gandhi (guitars)

    Pranav Kandula (keys)

    Rajesh Arumugam (percussion)

    Jayant Bhopatkar (tabla)

    Ganga Narayanan and Gaurav Chanda (vocals)

    Bonny Ghosal (emcee)




Sandbox Radio Players in this Episode:

Imogen Love

K. Brian Neel

Larry Paulsen

Annette Toutonghi

Seanjohn Walsh

Richard Ziman

Eric Ray Anderson

Marianna De Fazio

Cole Hornaday

Gin Hammond

Mik Kuhlman

Leslie Law