Sandbox Radio Players in this Episode:

Sandbox Radio Orchestra:

Piano: Angie Louise

Bass: Dave Pascal

Drums: Dan Tierney

Accordion/Clarinet: Robertson Witmer

on “Hammond Song”

Guitar: Liam Lawe

Ukelele: Eric Ray Anderson


Ryan Bede

Megan Chenovick

Serena Eduljee

Kim Giordano

Craig Grayson

Beth Kirchhoff

Rob McPherson

Melissa Plagemann

Ksenia Popova

Jose Rubio

Marcus Shelton

Directed and Produced by:

Leslie Law and Richard Ziman

Host: Leslie Law

Music Director: Angie Louise

Recorded by: Christopher Stewart

Sound Engineer: Luke Kehrwald

Stage Manager: Susy Butler

ASM: Elisabeth Burton

Post Production: Dave Pascal

Original Music: Jose ‘Juicy’ Gonzales

Angie Louise

Eric Ray Anderson

Heather Hawkins

Kathy Hsieh

Laura Kenny

Charles Leggett

Imogen Love

Jason Marr

Peter O’Connor

Rebecca Olson

Peggy Platt

Dan Tierney

Kathryn Van Meter

Seanjohn Walsh

Richard Ziman

    @00:43    Intro
    @02:40    The New Colossus by Emma Lazarus
    @04:40    March Madness by Lisa Halpern
    @18:05    City People’s Garden Store by Lisa Halpern
    @20:22    The Rabbits Who Caused All The Trouble
                     by James Thurber [adapted by Law/Ziman]
    @25:40    PSA: Cedar River Clinics by Peggy Platt
    @28:08    Plattitudes: In Like A Lion by Peggy Platt 
    @33:13    Time and Timing written and performed by Charles Leggett
    @36:56    The Emperor’s New Clothes
                     by Hans Christian Andersen [adapted by Law/Ziman]
    @51:13    I’m The Revolution by Angie Louise
                     performed by Angie with the SRO
    @55:10    Jerry Dixon
    @58:23    The Lion Who Wanted To Zoom
                     by James Thurber [adapted by Law/Ziman]
    @1:02:48  ‘Round The Campfire With The Waldorf Family
                      by Elizabeth Heffron
    @1:13:14   Hammond Song by Maggie Roche 
                       vocals - Megan Chenovick/Leslie Law/Angie Louise
     @1:19:30   The Sheep In Wolf’s Clothing
                       by James Thurber [adapted by Law/Ziman] 
     @1:23:09   PSA: Real Change by Peggy Platt
    @1:25:45   Charday, Squirrel P.I. - Is That All There Is To A Fire?
                        by Scot Augustson
    @1:42:03   Finale from The Marriage of Figaro
                       by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, featuring Opera On Tap
     @1:48:21   Finale | Credits