@ 2:40    Mom’s Diner by Wayne Rawley
  @ 14:00  B Salesman #1 by Elizabeth Heffron featuring Nancy Pearl
  @ 16:26  Platitudes: The Chicks And The Bees
  @ 20:52  The Green Fuse by Dylan Thomas
                  featuring Richard Ziman with Dan Tierney on Drums
  @ 23:10  Guerrilla Gardener by Lisa Halpern
  @ 34:45  B Salesman #2 by Elizabeth Heffron featuring Nancy Pearl
  @ 38:06  PSA - Sandbox Radio by Lisa Halpern & Wayne Rawley
  @ 41:38  Under Pressure by David Bowie and Queen
  @ 46:16  A La Recherche Du Frank Perdue by David Grimm
  @ 58:52  PSA - West of Lenin by Scot Augustson
  @ 1:01:23 B Salesman #3 by Elizabeth Heffron featuring Nancy Pearl
  @ 1:04:49 Russian Nightingale by Alexander Alabiev
                    featuring Megan Chenovick, Beth Kirchhoff on piano
  @ 1:09:09 Breakfast at Woolworths by Scot Augustson
  @ 1:25:20 Tribute / Finale / Credits

Sandbox Radio Players featured in this Episode:

Eric Ray Anderson

Katie Driscoll

Heather Hawkins

Reginald Andre Jackson

Andrew Litzky

Jason Marr

Evan Mosher

Peggy Platt

Dan Tierney

Kathryn Van Meter

Lisa Viertel

Seanjohn Walsh

Richard Ziman

Directed and Produced by:

Leslie Law and Richard Ziman

Emcee: Leslie Law

Music Director: Jose ‘Juicy’ Gonzales

Recorded by: Christopher Stewart

Stage Managers: Elisabeth Burton

Shigeko Calos-Nakano

Production SM: Teresa Micheletti

Sound Engineer: Luke Kehrwald

PA: Susy Butler

Post Production: Dave Pascal

Original Music Composed by:

Jose J. Gonzales

Sandbox Radio Orchestra:

Piano: Jose ‘Juicy’ Gonzales

Trumpet: Evan Mosher

Bass/Theremin: Dave Pascal

Drums: Dan Tierney