@2:25      "Markheim: Episode 11" by Paul Mullin
    @16:20      PSA: Capitol Hill Housing by Elizabeth Heffron
    @19:20      "Cousin Katie: SAD"  by Scot Augustson
                        (special guests Ken Jennings & Thierry Rautureau) 
    @34:06     “The Tale of the Curious Oysters” by Lewis Carroll
                        (adapted for SR by Richard Ziman)
    @41:07       “Peel Me a Grape” by Dave Frishberg
                        (performed with permission of Mr. Frishberg)
    @45:10       “Mom’s Diner” by Wayne Rawley
    @58:17      “Beyond the Box: Collect Everything” by Vincent Delaney
    @1:13:19    PSA: Scarecrow Video by Elizabeth Heffron
    @1:17:04    “Bella figlia dell'amore” 
                           (from RIGOLETTO by Giuseppi Verdi)
    @1:23:30    Finale/Credits

Sandbox Radio Players

featured in this episode:

Megan Ahiers

Eric Ray Anderson

Christine Marie Brown

Rik Deskin

Nik Doner

Tracy Hyland

Reginald Andre Jackson

Laura Kenny

Amy Love

Charles Leggett

David Natale

Peter Dylan O’Connor

Rebecca Olson

Larry Paulsen

Naho Shioya

Dan Tierney

Annette Toutonghi

Kathryn Van Meter

Seanjohn Walsh

Richard Ziman




Megan Chenovick, soprano

Beth Kirchhoff, piano

Melina Pyron, Mezzo Soprano

Daniel Oakden, Baritone

Marcus Shelton, Tenor

Directed and Produced by:

Leslie Law and Richard Ziman

Music Director: Jose ‘Juicy’ Gonzales

Recorded by: Christopher Stewart

Production SM: Colleen Nielsen

Stage Manager: Susannah Butler

Sound Engineer: Max Langley

Post Production: Dave Pascal

Sandbox Radio Orchestra:

Piano: Jose ‘Juicy’ Gonzales

Bass: Dave Pascal

Accordion/Etc: Robertson Witmer

Drums: Dan Tierney